Maximizing the value of the Pulumi Service dashboard with operational insights


In this project, I reimagine the Pulumi Service dashboard with an emphasis on data-awareness. The project aimed to surface greater insights to SaaS users about their Pulumi usage. I balanced value-add for two key user groups—the "big picture" managers and project leads needing a high-level overview of operations and the practitioners needing to streamline their daily workflows.

The Pulumi Service dashboard UI, January 2023


User dashboards provided limited content and interaction. An investigation supported that users rarely referenced their dashboards as part of daily operations. As the SaaS landing page, the dashboard needed to communicate insightful usage data and support practitioner workflows.


I redesigned the Pulumi Service dashboard using information-rich cards with user-specific content. New "favoriting" functionality  supports user workflows by forming shortcuts to key pages, and new "quick stats" provide an at-a-glance pulse check across organizations.


59% of active organizations adopted the favoriting feature within six months of launch. The dashboard redesign received positive feedback from users in subsequent interviews, who praised its utility and compact design. Read the launch blog to learn more.

The new Pulumi Service console is a change we are really excited to see, literally. It has better use of white space and an improved balance of information on the Dashboard at the same time and that shows a real and welcome focus on user experience. It is a genuine quality of life improvement in a portion of the product that we use daily.
Customer feedback, Summer 2022

A graphic representing Design Council's Double Diamond Method. Two adjacent diamonds each bisected with a a different stage of the design process: discover, define, develop, and deliver.


My design approach models Design Council's double diamond, emphasizing the divergent and convergent thinking of design.


Current UX audit
Quantitative analysis
Competitive review
User interviews


Affinity mapping
Insights report
Stakeholder review


High fidelity prototypes
Design critique


Implementation support

Identifying opportunities to improve the previous dashboard experience

The old Pulumi dashboard circa Spring 2022 with few cards containing user-specific content.

The old Pulumi Service dashboard prior to the redesign.

There’s not a lot of things [on the dashboard] ... it's easy for us to understand what is happening, but maybe it could have more information.
Pulumi user interview, Spring 2022

[In the past] I knew where everything [Pulumi projects] was, but as we've grown, other engineers have started to take on some of that. And so it's no longer all in my head, but I still want to keep an eye on the big picture of our usage.
Pulumi user interview, Spring 2022

Synthesizing user research into a defined problem space

My teammates and I [top left] conducting a practice interview.

A zoom call with Anita and two teammates.

Affinity mapping a dozen user interviews to identify emergent patterns.

A sticky note canvas grouped by color.

Presenting my research insights at the company all-hands in Seattle, May 2022.

Anita speaking in front of a projector screen. The slideshow reads "What is UX research?"

Iterating on a more information-rich dashboard

Early wireframe proposal for a dual-view dashboard. Stakeholders had us shift in another direction to leave space for a future work stream involving a dedicated "Insights" page.

Wireframes showing a dual-tabbed dashboard. One is labeled "Operational," the other is labeled "Analytical."

Building Figma components for the Pulumi dashboard.

A Figma canvas of high-fidelity dashboard components.

Representing variable dashboard states in high fidelity.

Multiple dashboard prototypes on a canvas.

Launching UX improvements to the Pulumi Service

Great impressions so far, the UI is way better—more compact and clean.
User feedback form, Summer 2022

[The new design] is way better regiment[ed] ... way easier to navigate everything.
Customer feedback session, Summer 2022

Total accumulation of favorites over time, ~10% which are discovered through the dashboard interface.

Speaking to the dashboard redesign and other changes to the Pulumi SaaS on Pulumi Office Hours.

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